Do you ever stop and wonder about all of the different people you come across in your life, and in what ways, big or small, that they impact your life, or even just how they can alter your outlook in some way?  I'm fortunate enough, in my business, to interact with unique individuals all the time.  Since I'm a dreamer who overanalyzes everything, I think about what type of people I want to be more like all of the time.  That's not to say that I'm unhappy with who I am.  I just like to take a little inspiration from each person that comes into my existence, maybe even leaving me just a little bit better for the world.  Without a shadow of a doubt, I now know that I have a real struggle with fear and doubt, constantly worried about what others think of me, and if they approve or not.  I believe that is why I gravitate towards "the fearless" for personal inspiration.  Often, someone will walk into my studio with a magnetic energy about them, and I'm immediately intrigued.  They are able to articulate, with such clarity and confidence, about their passions.  They have an idea about where they are going in life, and have a game plan to start their journey to positively impact this world.  Nobody's concerns or disapproval seems to get in their way.  My eyes widen, my ears open, hairs standing straight up, excited to dig into this person's soul with my camera.  Clients are often amazed at my ability to remember them, having photographed so many people over the last 16 years.  These people are prominent additions to my neurological pathways and are memories I hope to hold onto forever.  What I have to say to THE FEARLESS is: "You have touched a life the minute you met me.  When times get hard and you don't feel that you have a purpose, just know that you've already added to the world with the relationships that you cultivate, sharing your energy with others that see you in a different light than you see yourself.  Don't ever give up on what makes you unique and special.  I'm grateful that we had the chance to meet.  Forever changed by your existence, Brady."