Hi, my name is Brady Campbell.  I was born in Wenatchee, Washington and moved to North Idaho in 1990.  The great northwest has drawn me into camping, fishing and snowboarding.  I'm also a glutton for great food, beer, and ping pong.  I have 5 kids and an abundance of chaos.  That's probably why my studio is my favorite home away from home.

Probably the thing I hear the most from my clients and friends is that I'm "weird".  Not sure how to take this, I've just decided to own it and refuse to grow up.  I'm a people pleaser to the core and the ones that don't know me very well don't realize how sensitive I really am.  Being able to connect with every genre of personality has become my ultimate goal somehow, and I honestly look forward to discovering as many unique individuals as I can.  With a camera in hand, I'm able to help them become a loud voice even with the silence of a photograph.

For many years, I've started wondering who I am now.  What kind of music do I like?  What are my favorite hobbies?  What would I want to do if I could do anything?  I've been a chameleon, focusing on others for so long, that I've lost sight of who I really am.  I meet more and more people who seem to know exactly who they are and it's always so amazing to me.  I'm making it part of my personal goals to figure out some of the questions I have about myself.  I hope it makes me that much better of a photographer.  Also, do you ever wonder what people will say about you at your funeral?  I do....all the time.  I want people to say that I was an inspiration to them in some small way, that my life touched theirs, and that I was always a man of integrity and courage.  If I'm going to spend 85% of my life taking photographs, then I at least want it to mean something in the big picture.

Other photographers and business owners have always lectured me on the amount of time I give to every client.  What they haven't figured out yet is that I've learned the secret to getting to know people.  You HAVE TO spend time with them.  When you look at a photograph I've taken, I hope that you get a real sense of who that person is and also an idea of what our interaction was like.  I've never considered myself an artist and still don't.  What sets me apart from a lot of photographers is my passion to connect.  Not everyone wants to give their photographer that kind of access and I know I'm not right for everyone.

A photographer recently challenged me to share a little more about who I am, so I've put a few images on here that I hope give you a glimpse.  I'm convinced that the only way you can know me is to come and meet me.  I look forward to getting to know you and creating something awesome with you!