Raining Lemons

Henry and Diane's wedding day is not one that I will soon forget.  My 2nd photographer and I weren't scheduled to arrive at the first venue until about 1pm.  Since there had already been a fair bit of rain, and it was in the forecast for the day, we decided to put a couple hours into scouting locations that were partly sheltered from the elements.  Success!  We mapped out a few locations fairly close to the venue that looked perfect.  Then off to meet the bridal party for the getting ready shots!  The boys had planned to get ready aboard an old wooden boat in the quaint living quarters, but no one anticipated what that would be like as the wind and waves started to pick up.  Crisis averted as we moved the boys into the curtained off reception hall.  If only the girls were dealing with the same type of obstacle haha.  

The makeup and hair styling not only started extremely late, but it was discovered that, due to the impending storm, the power had been knocked out.  No power, no curling irons.  Being an insensitive guy with a balding head, I suggested just modifying the hairstyle that Diane had chosen for her day, and rolling with the power outage punches.  However, these were strong women I was dealing with.  One of the bridesmaids optimistically jumped on the horn and started the search for a new place to get ready with power.  

With no hesitation, the Burke Museum on the UW campus welcomed us.  Diane and her girls, only portraying positivity, flexibility and smiles, proceeded to set up shop in a hallway near the women's bathroom.  I'm laughing again just writing this.  Now behind schedule by about 1.5 hours, having taken way less images than normal, shooting in none of the locations scouted, we were all still laughing and having a blast.  It was apparent that no force on earth could stop Henry and Diane from living out their love story.

The boys then joined us on campus for their portraits and for Henry and Diane's first look.  During all of this, the relentless wind continued to pound the trees and buildings, taking it's toll on the girl's hair.  It was discovered that two people actually lost their lives in the storm that day.  So so sad.  As the storm progressed, the decision had to be made to move the ceremony venue indoors at a local church in Green Lake.  One more set of surprises that ended up turning out so beautiful.  It was amazing to watch everyone work together to make such a memorable day.  The images below will give you a minor glimpse into the incredible and triumphant day between two very beautiful people, that I'm sure, will share a wonderful existence together for the rest of their days.