Get Serious

For years, I've been trying to think of who I really am as an artist and what I really like to photograph. There was a good 3 year stretch where all I wanted to capture was happiness and laughter. Clients would come to me with a consistent request for "fun" and "natural" images. I soon realized that you sell what you show, which I had also learned from other artists that I admire. I'll get to the point. All of the sudden, I can't wait to shoot the next quietly powerful image, practically expressionless. I think there is so much to be enjoyed in a quiet, stoic photograph that is well lit and composed. As I spend countless hours on the web, mainly Pinterest, finding other photography that inspires, I realize that my tastes are changing, maybe only for a season. Maybe not. My question to you is this: Am I crippling my successful business, built on giddy imagery? This business has giving me so much and I hope that I'm not taking for the granted the talents I've been given to evoke happiness by taking the more dramatic approach for a while.